Minotaur IV

Minotaur IV


LXXVII. Entre deux mers dreslera promontoire, Que puis mourra par le mors du cheual: Le sien Neptune pliera voile noire, Par Calpre & classe aupres de Rocheual.

A promontory stands between two seas: A man who will die later by the bit of a horse; Neptune unfurls a black sail for his man; the fleet near Gibraltar and Rocheval.

A Father? I only knew the Orphan's love.

There was no Man for me, I was raised by Him!

The Great HE, who is what I am NOT!

My man, my Dad.

Though he has ten thousand Sons who hearken unto him.

Though his mouth spits nothing but flames that enrage me.

Though my own flesh is weak.

Though I am nothing.

He gives me strength.

He is, I am not.

When I do as he commands, I am great like Him.

When my Father is my Race, I am great like Him.

When my Pride is my Violence, I am great like Him.

When there is nothing for me, and all for him, I am yet still made Great in Him!

And when the bite kills?

The Memes of the Minotaur
The Memes of the Minotaur
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Minotaur V